The Perfect Imperfection

October 19, 2009
By , New City, NY
Where has the feeling been all my life that rips out my Heart.
In my dreams I could see a vague image of what I wanted so much.
It was like I was seeing into the future but still didn’t know what to expect
You came to me with the most amazing eyes I had ever seen,
and a smile that could melt one’s heart.
As I sat dreaming trying to find your face again,
The desperation I felt was too much to bear.
With a Smile that could melt ones heart.
How could I not see the most perfect thing in the world right before me.
Your eyes blinded me of all other concerns,
when I could no longer stare at anything else.
This feeling that has been missing has a hole in it that’s rips through my heart like a knife
When your so close to perfection how can I compare.
How can you converse with one that can melt someone’s heart by simply breaking a smile.
You’re the only person in the World who makes me feel so small,
So insignificant that behind the smile I put on just for you,
tears swelter behind my eyes.
You’ll never know the joy you bring me while I’m with you
But you’ll never know the pain you bring not being with you.
Why do I live to make you laugh only to see a smile that I know will melt my Heart.
Why do I dream about you day and night only to have my heart ripped by a knife.
When there is nothing else there is still you.
The best thing for me is to not see you.
So no longer can I Dream.
No longer can I stare deep into your big brown eyes past all that is you.
To be so close to perfection is too painful that it’s worth not being near the one you love.
No longer can I Dream.
But you have the prettiest smile.
And you’ll never know the joy it brings me.

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