Chances to let you win

October 19, 2009
By , Lanham, MD
If I could just breathe in, and waited out
To see it in the rise of the sun
And the dawn of the moon, in all wholly
There are chances I could let you win
Everything will be alright, if I just breathe

When there is an impetuous deliberation in grievance firm
It is you…baby, you are stressing me
I afforded to be stabbed by your desperation
You rushed and gushed out my hatred
There are chances I could let you win

Who says you believed in me
Baby…I can’t breathe, for I see, you are almost gone
I need a back up in this perplexity
But when you are there, dilemma got escalated
So I thought, there are chances I could let you win

I smiled when I see that smile
It suppressed my anger, and thrived me in reconciliation
This could be love, I said
But the sadness that sprung out made it erroneous
I came again suggesting, I could let you win

Many things I set ablaze, just for the sake of love
But love never comes in return,
Because, baby, you were gone, I was desolated
With depression and defeated
There are chances that you’ve won, all in all

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