Thanks Dad

October 18, 2009
By Anonymous

why do you hav to be this way?
why cant you just be sain?
why cant you care for me?
why cant you talk to me without yelling?

everyword that comes out of your mouth drips with selfishness and broken is my heart that longs for a dad thats like all her friends.

I hate money and everything it makes you do.
i know you cant be perfect but atleast you could try not to let it control you.
its ruining your family and yourself.

usually when you yell i just sit back and agree
but today i realized my breaking point.
i wanna runaway, i wanna be free.

im sick of holding back
im sick of feeling like this
this isnt the way it should be. i wanna dad that loves me cant you see?

i dont even think of you as my real dad
any other bum off the street would be more of a dad to me than you could ever be.

i just wanna let you know that you had the chance to ruin my life but i wouldnt let it. i dont even need you! but youll regret it. Treating us like this, God sees it, God knows it and hes the one i run to at night.

When you werent there for my first dance, God was he watched me and my date as i hid the pain behind my smile in each picture taken.
what did i do wrong for you not to care enough to be there? what would it have taken?

in fact im glad your like this.
it makes me stronger and closer to the one above. hes the one that cares, hes the one that loves.
and if it werent for you i wouldnt even be here, living and breathing so really i wrote this note to thank you.

The author's comments:
...the days i used to live with my dad...

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