October 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Raised eyes
Meet mine.
As the story of my life untwined
And the truth was going to be out
I didn’t know what to do I stood there so confused.

Then he spoke and said something about
A gun,
That’s how every story begun,
And then he said something about fighting over the gun.
With the gun in hand I can already tell that was a bad plan!
“Pow” sounded in the air the gun flew
And he didn’t know where to.
That’s how she gone home to a better place

I just don’t understand how can you
my family lie to me about the person
Who carried me for nine months,
and sat with me while I was in ICU,
The person who cared and love me for
The ONLY three months we shared on earth together?

I was blind as an owl in the day,
Unaware as the dead bird that sit in the middle of the street,
Stray as a kitten without a mommy.
Because everyone knows a growing lady needs a mommy!

The author's comments:
its about a part of my life.

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