A Story To Tell

October 13, 2009
By Anonymous

One day you'll regret
what you've put us through
you can't seem to look
through my eyes to see the truth

This is probably real hard to say
for someone who isn't me
but you've been eating me away
since that very day in June

I can say I hate you
and that I depise you
but if I do
I'll get yelled at
and put in my room

You should be angry; sad
for not getting your way
but that doesn't stop you
you'll just make each of our lives
miserable day by day

and to keep this plain and simple
I can no longer think of you
it's to hard because of what
you put us through

one year is too long
when a child is only fourteen
and they need a mother
to help them learn
the things that they need

but you aren't taking a roll in your part, at all
you'll only doing everything
to keep watching us fall

our friends - we miss them
but you pushed us away
and you'll keep doing that
because your getting a pay

you joke around
but a kid like this
doesn't enjoy a demon
to look at each and every night

this should be ending
about right now
but i have way to many things to tell

like the day you had grandpa beat her thin
and I called our dad
then you said it was pretend

how about yesterday?
when grandma bullied me
it really hurt my feelings
and you - you can't seem to let me be

how about your favorite
the one your manipulating
and she doesn't even know it

what about your fourth child
the one who is always downstairs
do you even know how broken
and beaten she feels

I will slowly end this poem
but I'll probably get in trouble -
infact, one hundred percent, I know it

I want you to know
you'll carry all of this around
and soon it will catch up with you
and you'll go straight to Hell.

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