Divinity Lasts For Infinity

December 18, 2009
By ConnerH SILVER, Ridgefield, Washington
ConnerH SILVER, Ridgefield, Washington
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"Even castles made of sand drift into the sea, eventually." James Marshall Hendrix

Every mile that comes with a smile makes it all worthwhile
Road trip to forever; to spite those who said never
Souls conjoined into one, and the story of how it begun
Met through a friend; but yet just the thing we need to mend
Loves unforgivable pain, finally escaping the rain
In comes the divine sunshine and expensive bottle of wine
Endless strain on your jaw; from the laughter of each others flaw
A perfect match that doesn’t come with a catch, a lucky snatch
Few years of waiting, means an entire lifetime of creating
The family of your dreams; and witty s***** schemes
Girl and a boy left only to enjoy
This endless possibility called life, through problem and strife
Sickness and in health, poorness and in wealth
A promise of marriage together, through all the bad weather
Solving with every kiss, that moment of bliss, the memories to reminisce
Of times once shared, and the feelings they declared
Through the rain and the sun, princess we’ve won
The unpredictable game of love, because when push came to shove
Your my sign from above.

The author's comments:
A poem I wrote for the love of my life<3

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