The Kind of Perfect I'm Looking For

December 18, 2009
I'm sick and tired
Of writing poems all about
Heartache and loss
Love and emotions

I need an inspiration
Something other than that
God awful boy
Who twisted my great life
Into a terrble, tangling mess

I need something great
New and exciting
Something fantastic,
Magnificent, marvelous,
Something perfect.

Well, not perfect
Just perfect in the way
Where nothing's perfect
And everything seems so wrong
And nothing seems right

The kind of perfect
Where there's pain and
Happiness all twisted into one
Big giant bundle of

The kind of perfect
Where there's revenge
And where there's regret

The kind of perfect
When everything just falls
Into place when you
Least expect it to
And it leaves you breathless
In the end
But you just don't know

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