I Like The Way

December 18, 2009
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I like the way you lay in bed,
I like the way your body curves,
I love the way you speak these words.
But I hate the way you make me hurt.
Your my owner and I'm your pet.
You kept me,
and I kept you.
You let me go and then got me back.
You said some stuff then tossed me up.
You give me up but I wont leave
You sat alone and I got to think. You date him but you don't love him, you still love him but you don't date him.
Now I can't tell you who you can or can not date.
But I can ask for you not to take him.
I love the way you lay with me,
I like the the way you look at me,
I like that you relate to me,
I like the way you talk to me.
You treat me like I'm not some tool.
My life's been emotionally screwed
and its all because of me and you,
Your not wrong and nor am I.
Everything in this damn place.
You think in all confusion,
I think in all of fear your heart said to take me back,
But your brain says to make me walk.
I wish for you a happy life.
Even if it's with me or not.
I made you a priority, but you made me just an option.
We broke up and we're still friends
so we must still be all in love.
You chose to listen to your brain,
you choose to ignore your heart.
You want me but can't see each other,
you want him but his life ain't straight.
I say for you to let me go but you say no.
I say why not you say because.
In all reality
I'm glad you say no.
If I were to lose you now the big hell
would get all stale.

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