The Water Park

December 18, 2009
By Anthony Robideau BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
Anthony Robideau BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
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At the water park, no one is able to hide.
Everyone can see and notice everyone else.
So it’s obvious when a hefty individual wades
into the water with his shirt still on.

Why does he still wear his shirt?

He wears his shirt because he is afraid.
Afraid of all the vicious looks,
the upturned noses,
the barely self-contained laughter.

His shirt is heavy and weighs him down.
He would rather be shirtless, but the fear is screaming

He cannot enjoy all the pool has to offer.
Because of ignorance and judgment,
his skin becomes paler in broad daylight.

He has been robbed of his freedom
and forced to hide his god-given body from the world.

Nothing is said as he wades into the water,
but everything implied drowns
the sounds of the water park.

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