I Lost You

December 18, 2009
By Ogollymissmolly BRONZE, St.Peters, Missouri
Ogollymissmolly BRONZE, St.Peters, Missouri
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Tearing up I remember the past,
marijuana was the beginning.
The smell of a stench soon lingered
into the air as I exhaled the poison
that now was in my system.

I followed you, for in my mind
I was supposed to help you
from the hurt and pain you suffer.
The drugs took you over,
the beautiful healthy face;
the once white smile vanished.

My best friend in the whole entire world-

Heroine is the last straw.
I watch the deadly drug in a line
disappear in moments up the nose
upon your face.
Your glossy, dazed eyes close as you feel
it surround your brain and destroy it.

We once played together every day,
swam in the dirty water of the creek,
had kool-aide stands on the corner.

You were my best friend.
You went too far
and left me behind.
I still love you.

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