Assaulted. Alone.

December 18, 2009
By Anonymous

The air inside could have iced over,
it smelled of mold and weed.
Surrounded by a million gnats,
he left me alone.

I was allowed to drink one shot
of the fine whiskey I was handed,
that was his personal rule,
he controlled me.

his friends knew how I felt,
their curious eyes watched us for so long.
I was handed another full glass,
he walked away unknowingly.

As the glass made its way to my smirking lips,
he came back screaming.
I was a b***h and a liar,
he wanted me to be different.

Rage could be seen through his eyes,
his face reddened from the yelling,
his friends only standing to watch ,
he knew they would attempt to help me.

More angry screaming,
telling everyone else to get out,
I tried to follow them up the stairs,
he grabbed me and pulled.

Gushing blood from my chin,
pain growing in my chest,
no longer could I see straight ,
he had me pinned down.

I’m a b**** and I need to die,
echoing words through my mind,
my breath was running short,
he was ruining me.

Trying to shout back,
his hand causes my mouth to bleed,
my legs attempt to kick him,
he punched my neck.

Gasping for breath, he gets up.
I want to run.
As I strive to get up,
he threw me.

Hitting the rusted bar on his couch,
screaming as tears stream down my face,
my arm now covered in blood,
he left me alone to die.

The author's comments:
A personal life experience. I just want the message out to women who are in an abusive relationship, because it can escalade to this, or worse.

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