The Life of Layne Staley

December 18, 2009
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Once I was young,
and I was strong and healthy.
Now things have changed.
I’m not all good,
I guess I never really have been.
I always thought,
that things could change.
But once you get too deep
into those problems,
they are only yours, forever.
Every time I stuck that thing
into my arm,
a beast of delusion soared,
into my head and completely
took over my whole being.
That beast was unreal,
someone no one should ever
consult with.
The beast became more
and more recognizable
in my everyday living.
Something I cannot let go of.
Neither would it ever
let go of me.
I truly do wish,
I had chosen different.
For my life was complex,
in the most amazing way.
I had it good,
I was completely set,
until I was introduced one night
to that daunting beast.
That beast,
he had taken my sanity.
That beast,
he had taken my work from me.
That beast,
he had taken my family.
That beast,
he finally had murdered me.

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