magic is real

December 18, 2009
By alzie1992 SILVER, New York, New York
alzie1992 SILVER, New York, New York
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He said it's important to stay in touch with others
But the magic is lost in lines like
"You feel me, see me, understand me."
I've seen what magic looks like.
Stepping out of the shower as your phone starts to ring,
Seeing the last rain as summer catches spring.
The way the first song of the morning sets your mood for the day,
Clouds that blend perfectly in silver and grey.
I've seen what beauty looks like.
The glass in your eyes when they're stinging with tears,
Watching a star burn a hole through the years.
Observing the peace before a heavy rain,
Our mood after opening a bottle of champagne.
I am not psychic.
But I have seen the lightning approach moments before a flash and I've felt the snow fall before the first flakes coat empty mountains. I cannot explain the craving we have to hold onto the lightning and use it as a flashlight as we run barefoot through the falling snow. The snow falls, we fall.
I can collect all the sights and smells and sounds, and with those feelings I can tell you:
"I feel you, see you, understand you."

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