The Star Above

October 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Standing alone in the surrounding darkness,
Waiting in this immeasurably deep canyon.
I look to the sky for some sign,
But all that remains is a tiny sparkling star.
Although being so far away, that star is my only hope.
I will stumble and fall from the rough canyon floor,
But I will pick myself back up and go to that star,
Whether I have to go to the moon and back,
I will reach it.
That star of glistening hope is my lifeline.
Without it I have nothing left except this deafening silence and blinding darkness.
Much too soon I will see if I can reach that star.
In the end will I be restricted to this canyon?
Or will I be able to take hold of that star up so high?
I must prepare for whatever is to come.
Tears stream down my face as I struggle to grasp my star.
Now I do not wait for the star to appear,
I wait for this hope to save me from my darkness.

The author's comments:
When telling your parents that you've had sex, the words can be difficult to come by. Before I told mine, I wrote out my feelings of fear and anticipation of telling them. I was so scared that I wouldn't see my boyfriend again once they found out. And my star is my only shred of hope left that my parents will trust me again and allow my boyfriend to spend time with me outside of school. I can only wait now and hope things will turn out for the better.

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