October 13, 2009
By , Crestwood, IL
Cold, lonely, and shaken,
Left all alone on a cold bench,
Feelings of guilt,
Have not had moved,
As I surrender my body,
I am a victim,
Not a survivor,
Only a child not even a teen,
Have a grown man dare to overpower me,
It’s been four years,
And I could still feel him inside of me,
Grabbing me tight as I yell stop,
I cried,
I begged,
He said no,
I’m almost done,
Soul leaving my body powerless just turned my head,
I try and forget,
But it never gets better,
This dominant man lives in me,
He lingers in my dreams,
He never escapes,
It’s not he anymore,
It’s everyone else,
Repeating of his events with me,
How can you understand me,
Feeling worthless, dirty, and crazy,
What would you do if no one heard you scream,
Having frequent nightmares,
Keeping your secrets inside,
As to where sometimes you just want to die,
How was your first time,
Was it special,
I will never have that moment,
My innocence is lost,
Can’t get it back,
Every time you get intimate,
You see their face,
Imagine that,
Imagine you in my shoes,
What could you do,
As a seventeen year old girl,
Living in a thirteen year olds memories.

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