October 13, 2009
By Olivia Sharp, Raleigh, NC

A stereo:
A device sometimes called radio
That gives off vibrations
In multiple variations
These formations of vibrations
Move through the medium
Of the ear canal to the eardrum
At different magnitudes and altitudes
To be translated by the cerebrum
In to words
And the
Plots of that individual's intellectual idea or message
Is planted in your brain
Evoking an emotion from within.
The beat drops.
These translated vibrations
Permeate and course through Your veins
Lifting your soul; to sunshine from rain
All this starting through the mouth of your stereo

To Type:
The act of touching
A series of letters
That together
Form the words:
Nouns and verbs
Of the thoughts imprinted on the silver platter of your mind
About the times
Maybe a people
Putting them on display
Like a church steeple.
Your thoughts,
THESE thoughts
Begin at the stem
Of the brain
The impulses travel
By nerves
Through the line of your spine
To the tips of the fingers
and the thoughts for a split second linger
Before being released
On the keys
And they appear upon the screen...

These two words join to create
When yoiu prejudge me on the basis of
How I talk
My walk
My class
My sass
Your accusations
Become translated vibrations
Beating upon MY eardrum
And translated by MY cerebrum
Into words of
You tyoing notes to your friends on MySpace thinkin' we won't read 'em
But they got back to me
And people like me
Now you lookin stupid
'Cuz you didn't think we'd see 'em
your words
Your Words
Were served
To me
From the silver platter of your mind
The bullets pierce my soul
And take a toll
On my sanity
When you see me
You expect me,
You expect language full of ebonics
And profuse profanity
Never atttempting to take time
To get to know and understsand me
If i choose to wear
Colors in my hair
If i speak with clarity
And upmost sincerity
I'm BLACK tryna be WHITE
If you see me with a boy
You label me with a HO HO HO stereotype;
A lust led mentality
Why can't I express myself though color
Why can't I pronounce my words
And taken seriously by another
Why can't I jut be partaking in a conversation
With a guy withought
The quickly drawn conclusions?
Are you so quick to judge my skin?
I'm a persion just like you
Just pigmented with more melanin
The only thing that costs more than an education
The whites labelling the black community
With such beligerence
Don't judge me becuase of the contrast of my black to your white
Because we are wounded by your
Daggers of Stereotype

The author's comments:
This was inspired by what I have experienced in life

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Kaili SILVER said...
on Jul. 17 2012 at 9:27 pm
Kaili SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
7 articles 0 photos 11 comments
That was amazing! Very deep. I liked how you broke the word apart and described it differantly. And I definetly agree with you. NO STEROTYPING! NO DISCRIMINATION!


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