October 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Can’t you see?
All you’re doing is killing me
I’m an empty shell
Full of nothing, not even air
Empty soul
Empty heart
Empty mind
I’m nothing in your eyes
Playing your little games
Smiling your little smile
You might as well f***ing laugh in my face
Because it has the same effect
Going behind my back
Twisting your words into truth
Try to hide your snickers
I know I’m ugly
I know I’m worthless
I know I’ll never be perfect
Hate me
Abuse me
Kill me inside
It’s not like you care
You look down at my wrists
You look in disdain
You think I’m so pathetic
But you’re the ones who move the blade
You break the skin
You break through
With your voices and your words
You all make me go deeper
You all turn me inside out
You make me turn into myself
And let the demons out
The demons that call themselves my mind
Polluting my very existence
Polluting everything around me
Because what you say is true
And I’m so pathetic
I try to blame it on you
I try to say it’s your fault
I try but there’s nothing I can do
The demons are killing me
They have a thousand knifes
Stabbing me
Killing me slowly
First my heart
Then my soul
Then my mind
Until there’s nothing left
Nothing but this empty shell
But this emptiness
It’s mine

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