He's Gone

October 7, 2009
By Anonymous

I can't stand to look at you;
Or this thing that took you away.

I don't see you.
I see a ghost,
A Skeleton,
A Zombie,
But never you.

What happened to you?
Where's that sweet boy I once knew?
Where's the boy who always kept me smiling?

This isn't you.
I know you.
Funny, sensitive, beautiful,
And perfect in my eyes.

Where's the boy I loved?
What did you do with him?
You took him away and left me a shell,
A corpse.

Look in the mirror.
Tell me what you see.

Eyes like those of a dead fish,
Pale bony flesh,
A lifeless expression.
Pain and misery are all I see.

And I see so much.

Eyes that used to be full of life,
Skin that used to bear no scars,
A face that once showed laughter...
But no more.

The boy I once knew is gone.
You made him leave.
He left a ghost.
He's gone,
And I'm scared.


The author's comments:
Again, Devin. When I lost him to drugs I think I died a bit inside.

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