Peer Pressure.

October 7, 2009
By , Holbrook, MA
The teenager years.
Full of peer pressure.
Peer Pressure.
Succumb to it.
Give in. Give in.
Here is comes.
In full force.
Full force.

You're not ready.
You're ill equipped.
You're unprepared.
You're terrified.
Frightened. Afraid.
You should be.
You should be.

You're all alone.
No one else around.
Loneliness consumes you.
All you want is a friend.
Someone to be there.
But too bad.
Poor thing.
Poor thing.

Take that drag.
Puff puff pass.
Snort a line.
Swig that bottle.
Remove your clothes.
Swallow that pill.
Inject your veins.
Come on, let's get high.
Because life is simply not enough.
Just not enough.
Never enough.
And we can't get there on our own.
Peer pressure.
Peer pressure.
Peer pressure.

Tie that noose.
Load that gun.
Raise a toast with your glass filled to the brim with poison.
Wrap that plastic bag.
Take those pills. And don't you dare vomit.
Slit those wrists.
Down the road not across the street.
Deeper. Deeper still.
Because you were just not enough.
Simply not enough.
Never enough.
And you can't handle it on your own.
You can't stay here all alone.
You know your place; six feet under.
That's where you belong.
The world does not hold any desire for the unwanted.
You gave in, gave out, gave up.
As you should have.
Because that's just how strong it is
And how weak you were.
Peer pressure.
Peer pressure.
Peer pressure.

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