Simply Gone

September 30, 2009
By Anonymous

As I sit in this place,
I light my nicotene filled cigerette, and lean back against the wall.

My eyes blink. Surrounded by smoke I think long and hard as the blood pours from my wrists.

When I go die, Where will I go? Will I go into another life..
To fill my sentence out?
Will I be thrown to burn, into the pits of hell?
Or maybe they will give me, just what I want to hear..

And let me rest in my grave, nothing left to fear.

As i take my last hit, the blackness starts to some..
My vision fades away anf still..
I think of whats to come..

As my eyes close slowly, I just happen to see..

My family standing broken, never watching for me.
My eyes close and yes, Im thankful for the dark.
I simply never thought that I

Would succumb to the sharks.

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