The Friend

September 27, 2009
By Anonymous

My best friend is not just
Another girl,
She is my other half,
My confidante,
The one I want to tell everything to.
Boyfriend come and go as the seasons,
True love fades like a sunset,
But she is a rock,
Solid and forever.
We have been through things together,
In these confusing adolescent years
Of self-discovery and forbidden secrets,
That other
Cringe at.
We blurred the line of friends and family a long time ago,
And later down the road,
Touched a toe over the line of
Intimacy and sexuality.
There was no discrepancies I regret,
No wild misadventures.
Only a minor mistake, maybe.
And yet,
If others knew…
They would not understand.
They would think us
More than best friends,
And yet we are adamant
That our relationship is platonic…
It is only when you can share something so
Personal, as this, with someone,
That you may bless them with the title of best friend.
Perhaps we depended upon each other
In ways meant for more of a lover or boyfriend,
And I can’t say whether it made us stronger
Or weaker.
I am not in love with her.
And yet it is the closest thing possible.
I simply need her.
We will always have more than any other friends
Who fill in each other’s positions when we aren’t there.
But they will never share that knowing glance, that special
Secret that only us will ever know.
If comes a day when
Both of us must part ways,
We will do so
With sadness
And tears.
Just as if she were my boyfriend,
Or my mother,
Or my sister.
We are to each other what we’ve lacked.
Call us whatever you please,
She is my best friend,
My other half.
And I will always love her.

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