must wait!

September 28, 2009
By Anonymous

every day thousands of people pass on
everyday thousands of babbys are born
The chain of life will never die
Life is never fair, it's not ment to be easy, when a life is lost, people here on earth get hurt, lives change, when this happens some may never excpt the fact that their gone, but we all must wait, wait till it is our time to go and once again be togeather with the people that we've lost,

some can't wait till their time is up, some choose their own time to go, some take their own life!

The author's comments:
This poem is very special to me cause I've lost sooo many people bafore and I couldn't wait and I was ganna choose my own time, but before my nana died she told me to "stay here and I'll be watching ova you, I'll always be with you, andd that she'd be waiting for me to join her and we'd be togeather" She was the only family I had left and now I amok cause I know she is watching ova me!

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