Shedding Tears

September 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Tears tremble within grey-blue eyes
Barely held back after the unwelcome surprise
She could get whiplash from the jolt of it all
When she comes home her feelings, just fall
One minute happy as she leaps through the door
The next minute, petrified as the phone hits the floor
Yelling and screaming for a forgotten responsibility not her own
She thought her life was better; turns out the good times were just on a loan
Crying and trembling, she knows not what to do
Stick up for herself or be thrown down too
The girl swallows her pride in favor of peace
Hoping and praying the dark times would cease
She creeps up the stairs, her backpack on shoulder
As she opens the door she feels weight on her chest like a boulder
Smiles and laughter are afraid to be seen here
Though hurtful words, pain, and misery are constantly near
Again crying alone, with no one to comfort
Its apparent to her that there is no such thing as a “just desert”
If only the tormenter of her kin
Would be thrown away by her mother and into the bin
As woman to woman she didn’t understand how her mom could let continue such bad
It seemed her mother was hoping that the increasing violence was a passing fad
The girl hated her father and placed small blame on her mother
If he would but disappear the trio of family could move on to something rather other
Mother and daughter, sister and sister
All held contempt for the home’s only mister
After every large scrimmage her mother would smile
Telling her they would leave after only a little while
Lies, lies, all lies or maybe weakness, cowardess and sorrow
The girl looked to the moon wishing that some other teen’s life she could borrow

The author's comments:
Just a real life poem I wrote.

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