Coming Down

September 25, 2009
By Anonymous

Everything about these words
First just a cryptic inlay on a creme colored peice of paper
Now black font scattered acrossed a computer screen
Will make you drop to your knees

These words are my own
A story untold
One I hope you will never have to hear again

Screams echo in this small tan and white living room
Obscene words no one should ever have even known
The last few minutes I thought I would ever spend in this hell
I was trapped
Wrapped in the fabric of our own reality

23 pills make you fly like a kite
Until the wind takes you to high
You fall to the ground

My heart beat came almost to a complete halt
I can still hear it ehoing in the back of my pounding head
Tears burning down my cheeks in sketchy little streams
All burnt out without discretion

This high is like none other ever felt
Because when you write your final words
You expect them to be your last
But my final truth, my final thought, my final emotion
Turned out to be just another dull memory

Fuzzyness clouding around the edges
blocking out all clarity
I was still alive
Coming down from my high
A feeling so strang
It is hard to describe

Withdrawl symptoms coming through
Burning through the medication of the I.V.'s
My back arching with pain
Dreadful screams filling every square inch of these rooms, these halls
Resignatating every emotion except happiness from the white plaster

Later the next day i woke up
An empty hospital room greeting my entrance back into the mundane world

Minutes later it was filled with family
Packed so tight barely anyone could move

Our lives have been filled mainly with fights
Although there has been some happiness
Our family ripped apart
All to be tapped backed together again

The author's comments:
I messed up over winter break last year. I thought the only way to regain anything was to loose it all. Including my life. I thought i was going no where until i found the people that mattered most. A shoulder to cry on, someone to confese to. But im still alive, and im glad. One of them my best friend and parter in crime, purple ice is all to fine. I love you Kaine. Kanndee&&Kaine 4ever<3.

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