My secret

September 25, 2009
By Anonymous

The world as I last knew it has faded,
The stars have lost their color,
And the sun its brightness,
I sit still in the darkness surrounding me,
And begin to cry.

I think of how at one time,
Everything was together,
The world seemed so sweet,
And not so selfish,
Everything was whole and nothing broken,
Like a puzzle glued together now broken to bits,

My dark and broken world surrounds me,
I begin to tremble,
And I become scared,
I have heard stories of death of the past happening to the dark,
It is not my fault I am here so do not blame me,
Do not hurt me,
Wipe my tears from my eyes,
In this dark and lonely world.

The world begins on me with words,
Their words are fierce their tongues are sharp,
They have learned how to use their words nicely, smoothly,
Buttering you up to tear you down,
I begin to bleed.
The bleeding doesn’t stop,
I try to walk and can’t move,
My muscles weaken in my shower,
I fall,
My skin turns yellow and pale,
My bright red blood keeps seeping and oozing out slowly,
I can’t breath,
All I wish is that someone would find me.

The ambulance picks me up and carries me away,
Someone has told my secret,
Now I will be in trouble,
My secret I can feel it seeping through my fingers!
They have saved me,
Taken my secret and shred it to pieces,
It is no longer secret but known,
Everyone talks to me and looks at me different,
But I no longer have to worry.

I am alive.

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