September 21, 2009
By Anonymous

I lay in bed, eyes locked on the ceiling.
Glancing at the time, its 4 am.
My eyes are starting to get heavy.
I need to stay awake, I have to.
This nightmare is killing me.
Fast asleep, the torture begins.
He’s home, he’s back, I’m hiding.
Yelling, screaming, he can hear me crying.
He finds me, throwing me around,
Like I’m some doll.
Please wake up.
Hitting me, I fight back for once,
Starting to run away.
Grabbing my foot, I trip.
Face first into the floor.
Bloody nose, I’m crying more now.
He grabs my arm, pulling me with him.
Please wake up.
Pushing me, I fall down the stairs.
Hitting my head on the wall, dizzy now.
I stumble, standing back up.
Taking me to the bath room, I struggle.
He pushes my head in the bathtub, filled with water.
I try to stay calm, closing my eyes.
Holding my breath, he finally brings me up.
I take a deep breath, crying more now.
Please wake up.
He drags me down the hall,
My nails dig into the floor.
He pulls me in front of the couch.
Turning on the television, acting as nothing happened.
I lay there, crying.
He laughs, leaning forward.
Staring at me, “You should be used to this by now.”
Face against my knees, I cry.
Whispering, “I will never be used to this.”
Please wake up.
He falls asleep, I sit in the corner of the room.
I’m like a dog on the short leash.
Trying to get out, he wakes up.
Grabbing my hair and pulling me down.
I hit the floor, crying some more.
His arm outstretched, about to strike my face.
I wake up, breathing heavily.
A cold sweat runs down my face.
I hug my knees, a tear runs down my cheek.
This reoccurring dream is breaking me down,
You are the reason for my misery.
Misery has company, so don’t be too proud.

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