December 14, 2009
By Anonymous


Rain is the worst,
Forcing us inside.
It is always so cold,
the sky just needs to cry.

There is no room to play,
it’s all muddy outside.
My mom hates washing my pants,
with stains on my Levis.

The rain makes me sick
It makes me not want to play.
My friends all go out,
And I have to stay.

Playing with my dog
I get so lonely.
The television gets old
And it’s me only.

And all due to the rain,
It makes me so mad
Because of the things
I can’t do that make me glad.

1 2 1 2 Syllabic- Time

She wanted me,
Hoping we maybe.
I review the future,
To conceal our picture.
She planned our wantings
So greatness is shared.
The sunlight turned dark,
Cooling our likings. Life was
Dimming, gets shorter
And shorter. Dreams turned
The corner, to laugh its willing,
And thoughts got into me,
Knowing it could’ve been.

Prose Poem- The Wall
I’ve witnessed their hatred and
I’ve seen their arguments. I’ve
I’ve seen them go through the
Hard times just to get closer.
I’ve seen them bond and I’ve
Seen them not talk for weeks.
Their marriage is based on
Trust. Without trust, their would be
No them. And all I can do is
Watch, never knowing the true
Meaning of love.

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