Where'd You Go?

December 14, 2009
Daddy, where'd you go?
I saw you when i was sneakin' downstairs last night,
Saw you and mommy get in a huge fight,
Saw you smack her with a bottle with all your might,
then i saw you run out the door like a blind man in fright,
Where'd you go?

Daddy, where'd you go?
Haven't seen u home in three days,
we need your paycheck, to keep the IRS away,
we need this home, to keep the bad filth away,
we need your love, to keep the bad men away,
Daddy, where'd you go?

Daddy, where'd you go?
It's been 2 years, since i've seen your face,
Mommy has to whore herself out, all over the place,
She comes home bruised and beat up, like Maurice after a race,
And we're runnin' low on money, like a hobo on a date.
Daddy, where'd you go?

Daddy, where'd you go?
Startin' to hate life, i really see no choice
We're practically in the gutter,and constantly hear the landlord's voice,
The razor blades my new friend, hot crimson runnin' down my poise,
Everythings goin' dark, and all I hear is your voice,
Goin' up above where the angels rejoice,
Daddy, where'd you go?

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lizzy96 said...
Jan. 12, 2010 at 4:01 pm
this is so sad! it is very well written, and i can feel the hurt. i wish i could put emotion into my writing like you do with yours! great job one this. never lose hope.
Rastaman0318 replied...
Jan. 13, 2010 at 10:08 am
Thank you so much. I wrote this early in the morning when i felt depressed. I'm actually totally happy all the time.
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