The Blues

December 14, 2009
The Blues
What a terrible muse
Who likes her? Haven’t got a clue
She’ll have you feeling down in the dumps like emo
You wont even know how to tie your shoes.

In the mornings, when you go to work
You’ll go there feeling like a jerk.
As you take out the effects of her bad loving
Like Whitney and Bobby.

How do you get this no good mistress off your tail
Before she has you for all eternity, nagging like hell?
Word on the street is that right down the hall,
Whose sweet love will make you bawl
She’ll shield you from blue’s bad loving
And get you reinterested in cuddling.

Yes, all of your interests will soon return
With the speed and gusto of the man with a yearn.
And you can hear her name on the wind……Joy
Go to her, love her.

Reinstate your life and give it back it’s hues
Or brace yourself for another visit from The Blues.

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