mom, we're growing distant

December 14, 2009
i follow in your footsteps, i'm the girl you once were long ago . never apart for long, but you miss me when i'm gone . we understand each other & you know when something's wrong . you see straight through my eyes, can look straight into my soul, or at least i remember when you used to . i know you're distracted & you've got other things on your mind, but don't forget about me . don't forget to remember how fast this time will fly because otherwise it will be gone, disperse right before your eyes . & i'm scared now 'cause the only good things are memories . & i'm aware now that you're not really here, your mind is always elsewhere & your eyes are no longer bright, they only accuse me . though i'm trying, if you looked maybe you would see . you forgot to remember that the mistakes you portray could end up burdening me .

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unknown&unspoken said...
Jan. 14, 2010 at 8:37 pm
very creative poem. it really potrays the passion behind your own words. great job
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