Unfound Loss

December 14, 2009
By unknown&unspoken GOLD, Monte Vista, Colorado
unknown&unspoken GOLD, Monte Vista, Colorado
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These are the words,
I’ve never said before
This is the realization,
I’m beginning to understand
Here is my life,
Terrified of all change
This is the rhythm,
Controlling my everything
There go my feet,
Carrying me farther from you
These are the knots,
Tied repeatedly in my stomach
Here I look up at the clouds,
Hoping your gazing back at me
There has been a wrong feeling,
Since you’ve gone away
This is emptiness,
Felt within the soul
Here in my mind,
Your words replay
These are the memories,
I hold dear to my heart
Here at times like this,
I miss your laugh
These are the tears I cry,
When I sometimes miss you
This voice in my head,
Tells me never let go
There is the distance between,
You seem so far away
This what hurts the most,
Never knowing what could have
There are wonders I ponder,
Of who you could have been
This marks the beginning,
Or was it the ending?
Here was the hole,
Waiting for you the unfound
There I stood,
Mourning in pain
These are my nightmares,
A storm within myself
Here is my brokenness,
This is loss

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