He is Gone

December 14, 2009
A day that started out so perfect
With what appeared to be little effort
Suddenly took a turn in
The opposite direction

You stand there thinking
About the moment things went wrong
Wondering what you could have done differently
What you could have changed
How would you have avoided it
If you had only known the fate of this day?

But none of that matters now
Guilt is overtaken by grief
As you realize your little boy
Has been claimed by the sea

Should you have insisted
On keeping him at the water's edge
Being that the current was so strong?
I look around at smiling faces
Thinking how lucky they must be
For their world keeps spinning
While mine is shattered

I hear the beat of the helicopter
As it makes another round
Meaning that my son
Is still no where to be found

Overwhelmed with a feeling of loss
I know a piece of me is gone
Along with the pride and joy of my life
Whom the ocean waters
So selfishly took as its own

I will never see my boy again
That's what they tell me now
The flashing lights have retreated
The helicopter silenced
And I stand there numb and broken
Continuing to deny the reality at hand
He is forever gone
And my heart lies with him at sea

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CrystalDE said...
Jul. 4, 2010 at 4:13 pm
This is really sad, the emotion you use is described well.
whiterosebeauty replied...
Jul. 6, 2010 at 1:27 pm
Thank you!  I was hoping that I did ok in portraying the emotion.  I've, fortunately, never been in this situation or known anyone in the situation.  I didn't have much to go off of except what I imagined I would be feeling.  But i guess i didn't do too bad. Thanks!
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