Broken. A Collection of Poetry

December 14, 2009
By beccalicious94 SILVER, Flushing, New York
beccalicious94 SILVER, Flushing, New York
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Broken. A Collection of Poetry

Like a baseball through your window
Like the tip if a wooden pencil being aggressively used by a furious creature
Like a messed up jigsaw puzzle that took four hours to finish
Like the fading gold of dawn as daylight approaches
Like someone’s family after receiving the news of death
Like an individual diagnosed with cancer
Like a heart stretched into taffy and used for playing jump rope

Like me

The Greener Grass
If only I could possess that of you
To live it big in your glorious life
Having it easy no perspiration or labor
Being able to sleep at night without worries or troubles

If only I could try it out for a day
To be able to enjoy spontaneity and lavish things
Having a family who embodies perfection
Being able to confront people without feeling shame

If a genie happened to grant me a wish
To take your life out for a spin
Having the opportunities you take for granted
Being able to determine once and for all; if the shoes I’m in are actually the most comfortable to walk that mile in


Ticking, ticking
Always moving and never stopping

Life is a ticking clock

Infinitely there even when unnoticed

Trying to deny the truth can do no good

Lying to yourself about the time will not change the fact that it is 1 AM

A clock can't just turn itself back to 3

Realizing where you are and what time it is- essential

A clock has a battery

Once it runs out the clock is thrown away

Clocks should be utitlized because time is precious: it is there to mark change

What will you do before the clock strikes 12?

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