Storm of Abuse

December 14, 2009
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Anger like a roaring sea,
your voice is as loud as thunder

Temper lost as fast as lighining,
life spiralling out of controll like a tornadoe

Tears falling like rain,
hitting the floor like hail

They flow like a river,
as deep as the ocean

Your heart is as black as the night sky,
as cold as winter

Your words hit me like rocks,
wounding my soul

But like every storm,
there is more beauty than destruction

The sea is calm and still,
Thunder fades away

Lightining ceases,
the tornadoe stops

The rain and hail have long ended,
leaving the river gleaming with beauty

Morning light overcomes the darkness,
winter is gone

The rocks settle back into place,
my wounds are healed

Behind every storm,
there is light

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