Forever, Your Baby-Blues?

December 14, 2009
By combsy13 BRONZE, Zanesville, Ohio
combsy13 BRONZE, Zanesville, Ohio
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Tears Fall,
She cannot hold them back any longer
But she does not hesitate to brush them away
For if someone were to ask her what it was that troubled her,
She wouldn't know what to say..

"They're tears of joy." She says throwing on a plastic smile.. "I'm ..Happy."

What a torturous word it was,
It's something she wishes she was..
More than anything, she'd just like to go back to those days in late summer
They thought not of time and goodbyes only the sun that kissed her cheeks,
Just Like He Did
They thought only of the sky that was a brilliant shade of baby blue
Just Like His Eyes Were

...And Still Are<3

A lot has changed since those days..
Late Summer had turned to Early Winter,
It's always about time left and time spent, It's always about goodbyes.
The sun no longer kisses my cheeks,
those skies of brilliant baby blue have now turned a dull grey
and snow covers the ground..
Sometimes.. When I see the flakes falling like petals,
I think of summer flowers and mid-night air
And I Remember Your Eyes, Dear...

A lot Has Changed ..But they're still there ..
Always And Forever...

Forever, Your Baby Blues

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