i miss you.

December 14, 2009
By , buffalo, NY
i'll write to you the words that i'll never let you read.
they burn my soul
so i'm letting them free.

i miss you.

thats as simple as it can be.

i need you,
and i hate that you need me.

i write these words on a limb
may they never be revised.

i'll pour my soul to you,
may these words never meet your eyes.

i forgave you a long time ago
but i'll never forgive me.

i left you when you needed me most,
when you pushed away from me.

when you clung to me
i never held on tight.
i wish i could have seen your pain
it was not too late for you to see real life.

i was only a child,
forever i'll wish i wasnt so naive.
the hate that so many have towards you,
may it instead be towards me?

i could have prevented what you did,
no matter what anyone else says
i'll hate myself forever,
i'll always know your suffering because of what i didnt do.
what i didnt do enough.

i could have told you more often that i love you.

i love you.

now its too late.

i wish i would have known that before.
i knew i loved you with my mind.
but i now know i need you with my soul.
you are so much more then skin deep,
i hate myself for wishing you were'nt.

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