i hate your souL

December 14, 2009
By Mandieee BRONZE, GOODYEAR, Arizona
Mandieee BRONZE, GOODYEAR, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
"Lifee qoes on, even whenn it seems impossibLe !"

yelL at me, beat mne, kilL me
anythings better than Living...
Living with your guidance!
the guidance to helL
you faiL at alL that you attempt
when i must falL
youre the bLame for my faiLure
you are the core to this helL hoLe
Look at we've become
everything we shouldnt be
yet we go on with our surroundings
and you couldnt care less
but we, we wouldnt care for you
not even when youre at your lowest
your are everything we are not
evil, selfish, weak, and lost
we've learned from your steps
to never be YOU!
to never stand in your shoes
we promise to neglect you
the very same way you ALWAYS neglected us
your own flesh and bone
but we are no worth to you
yet you no worth to us
deep down we hide
the feeling of love
you dont deserve it
and you certainly dont deserve us.

The author's comments:
i wrote this poem when i was very angry. there is so much that i hide deep inside about my mother. i hold a huge grudge against her because i feel that she has not always given us her best. when i needed her most she was never around. if your mother feels your pain i would have expected her to stop what was happening to me yet she didnt ! i think that i just hold anger toward her because she didnt raise me. i always do blame her for my troubles, or for my sisters being the way they are.

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