December 14, 2009
I want to remember the things I forgot,
All the things that I have been taught.
The beautiful memories that fade away...
Oh how I wish they would just stay.
I wish they would last for they go too fast.
And when they go they become my past.
All the times that I have lost, as if my memory had been tossed.
My beautiful memories stolen from me,
taken away with my dying plea.
I want them back for I cannot handle this lack.
My beautiful memories that kept me alive, have left me alone to wither and die.
I try to go on, but this feeling is too strong.
My memory is erased, I'm overwhelmed with this disgrace.
I'm nothing without the things I forgot,
All the things that I had been taught.
My beautiful memories faded away,
And in this dark hole I am here to stay.

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