December 14, 2009
By Ambella BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Ambella BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
\"Strength is how well you hide the pain\"


These words are twisted, they don't seem right.
The way they fall through the air, warping and twisting in sight.
This mask I wear seems to be coming loose,
And that tie you wear looks like a noose.
Why do I feel this way, like I'm always in pain.
It almost feels like there's nothing for me to gain.
These lies I speak-
My will grows weak.
This is an act I feel I can no longer perform.
Somehow my life has become deformed.
What is the mean of my twisted tongue?
What horrible songs have I caused to be sung?
If I were to fall, who would catch me?
Who would turn and let me be?
These days pass and the leaves fall to the ground,
Making a horribly, blissfully, hollow sound.
All a sign that time passing,
Evidence still that my pain is ever-lasting.
I read your dark words and I can't help but smile.
Gothic thoughts full of loathing and bile.
I wish I was strong like you,
Instead I live in this bloody hue.
I wish for Autumn to become ever-lasting
That fresh breeze forever blasting.
Not to cold, not to hot.
The perfect weather for love to be sought.
So in days of ill and feelings amiss
I will look for a feeling of bliss.
Cause me pain, set me free,
This is the only way we can be.
Be true to yourself, its all that counts.
Be blunt to all others, on every account

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