I Know You

December 14, 2009
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I know you are singing
Singing your heart out
In your car, alone,
With the volume turned up.

I know you are sitting
Sitting on your couch
Droning mindlessly as
Pictures flash across the screen,
Inhibiting your imagination.

I know you are drinking
Drinking that booze
And partying it up
Giving into the pressure
The pressure of
Those around you.

I know you are crying
Crying and laying on your bed
With your face in the pillow
Sobbing heaving cries that
Wrack your body with pain.

I know you are ashamed
Ashamed to have allowed him to
Get the better of your senses
Get the better of the morals
You have been living by
Broken for what you have lost
And what you can never get back.

I know you are young
Young and carefree
Young and vibrant
And ready to forget it all
And start over.

I know you will
I know you will.

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