December 14, 2009
By imamazing GOLD, Denver, Colorado
imamazing GOLD, Denver, Colorado
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This salvation comes

In waves across my
Shoulders and It lifts me from my
Bed and into
Why did Eve
Listen to the snake,
And is the apple
In my hands?
I hold it and how tempting
To cross the line
That lies thick across my heart.
To the left of my chest
Is my life pounding to my
Feet and they walk to

From the salvation comes

And I wait for the moon to creep up behind my back
And take it away.
If the woman in the window
With a dress hanging to the floor
Took a look at my palm
Would she read between the lines
And deliver me from this?
I am pushing against the wall
Trying to overpower the boundary
And let this house break into
The tree it was born from
And when it was cut by the lumberman
The life turned into emptiness

My lips part to try to convince a person
That I’m not lying
It’s far from the path I took yesterday
When I crossed the line and
Eve was screaming at me
Because history just has this way
Of repeating itself
And repeating
Until the wall can’t break
Because it is built on the mistakes
We’ve made.
And that will be our future tears
And a quaking fear
Shaking my hands to greet me
And I won’t let the lumberman
Defeat me.
I won’t let this fast pace crash
And take me back to
A mistake,
And the blind can see through
The sounds of the dogs barking and the
Celebration applauding another man’s return
From what was a stomach full of mistakes
Churning sick to the prayers being cried for this
Salvation that comes

In waves across my
Shoulders and It lifts me from my
Bed and into
Everything I own is my mind
And my mind is what opens itself to
The world
And the world is
I am the mistake
I am the salvation
I am the breath
That will one day stop
and take me to,
and take me to…

It will take me,

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