face of the earth

December 14, 2009
The face of the earth.
What an original concept!
Does he smile,
With ridges by the lips,
The way mine do
Does his brow wrinkle,
As his eyes stretch out in a cry,
The way mine do

And what look of pity does he make,
When a river is emptied for one man’s sake,
Or a tree is cut for my own fire
That will only be warm for a little while

And if you fall off the face,
Do you land in his arms
And does he grasp you,
Squeeze you so you won’t feel harm

And when his arms get tired,
Do you land in his lap
To hear stories of disaster and laughter
And endings told in truth,
Fiction and fact

But when he stands up,
For a meal, for a walk,
Shall you collapse on his feet,
And feel the rough ridges that have seen many miles
and he lets out a laugh and then with eyes down,
he smiles.
And will you watch the muscles in his back tense,
As he reaches for the door,
And realize where reliance has left you

Alone on the floor

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