Tears of an Angel

December 14, 2009
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I asked an angel why she cried
She looked at me and did not reply
Her eyes told the story
Her mouth could not form
For one angels tears tried to save the world

Her eyes held pictures of kids holding guns
Of razor blades, adulterers and drugs
They bore inside of them
A sin stained blood

Abandoned children walking the street, her wings could not hold them,
She had become weak
Not weak in the sense that she was not physically able,
But her heart could no longer keep them straight

The tears that fell covered my feet,
I looked more closely at the world full of pain,
And saw the answer she was trying to convey
Her eyes held the tears of a man named Jesus,
He died for the world,
Yet the world left him in vain

He walked the streets,
Lifting us up
But instead of following him,
We plowed his name through the mud

On angels tears
Told me His story,
And in this world of hatred and fear
I chose to listen, but so many out there
May never hear

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