December 14, 2009
By Raid2bcool GOLD, Visalia, California
Raid2bcool GOLD, Visalia, California
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Favorite Quote:
"People may not be able to get to the top because of who they are.... but they ARE able to do what IS at the top."

I live my life
Going through each day
Sometimes it's awesome
Sometimes it's gay
I have gone through
So many rough times
And it's brought me down
In so many ways
I wish i wouldn't
Have to live
With so much heartache
But I'm so used to it
That I think so negatively
I don't care what people
Say or do
Because whatever I try to do
It doesn't matter
Because I don't have a say
Life is cruel
And sometimes I try to figure it out
Why I even try to pursue it
But I know I have to
Because I know I have
To live life
To the fullest
I only have one life
And if I don't do
Anything to pursue it
What's the point of living
But then again
Does pursue my life
And it's what I have to go through
To pursue my future
What if every happiness, heartache, and relationship
I go through
Is for my future
To teach the future
To tell the future
To pursue their future
Life is meant to be pursued
Not to be thrown away
Because who knows
Maybe I
Or even you
Will be famous
For making the most
Amazing thing happen
Because you did pursue your life
"Jose, you have made it so far,
do you have a secret to your huge success;
because basically everyone knows who you are."
The reporter says
And all you say is
"I just believed in myself
And pursued my life"
So just because you have
The worst day ever
It's not going to be
The end of the world
Just take a deep breath
And say
"It's time to move on,
And Pursue my Life."

The author's comments:
i always have days where i'm not sure of myself. so i decided to write this poem to put confidence in myslef instead of thinking life is just a boardgame to get it over with.

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