December 14, 2009
By imamazing GOLD, Denver, Colorado
imamazing GOLD, Denver, Colorado
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The bricks lie cold and
Pieces are chipping off my red walls as
I stand worn and faded in front of you.
Your eyes,
Like acid upon my skin,
I burn and break for you.
Silently I let your indifference
Lift the veil from my eyes
And the glare brings tears
To my cheeks and salt to my lips
As you show me nothing of you.
I am shaking naked in front of you and
You stand fully clothed laughing at my
Raw imperfections,
My vulnerability and my eyes
Wide open for your embrace,
For your possession if only you wanted me
To see you when they were closed.

A brick falls off my arm
Brushing my stomach and
Scathing the skin.
I feel my body crumbling,
For you have destroyed and neglected
This castle.
The guards are dead,
Brutally attacked and scattered on the lawn.
The gate is open for you stole the key
And never gave it back.
You have stained my white walls black,
Dirt tasting the dried paint and
I am ruined.

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