the demons within good intentions

December 13, 2009
a woman in the crowed yelled with such conviction that her body began to shake.
stop this deceit stop this ever growing evil and
inhale the beauty of a good life.
for when you excuse your devilish actions and commit sin upon sin you are not only ruining your chances of happiness but condemning your children to the gallows of hell.
for a sin is has been created and as it grows and the shadows of ill intention will over power all that is good.
for when you look upon your descendants and see the darkness in their eyes and watch as they turn into a walking corpse and fall victim to self mutilation
what is it you have accomplished?

So fear the advice you give and for the sake of life exhale the negativity which you have breathed in, your lungs are blacked and your mind is mold. your thoughts as the seeds of evil and your actions are the executioners in life. Your off springs will be the reason for mass murdering and you will die alone.

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joanna^author said...
Jan. 12, 2010 at 11:51 pm
as a side not i would like to say sorry for the wrong mythology it was atlas who help up the earth and Prometheus that gave fire , sorry!
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