I Lost the Key to Happiness

December 13, 2009
As the rain falls
So do the tears
The tears you've made me cry
As the years go by
The memories start to fade
Your face
Your scent
They all seem to have slipped away
I never asked for this life
You know?
The hurt
The pain
The depression
As the tears come
So does the anger
The hate
Not only for you
But for her
The drugs
The alcohol
And everything else in between
They were brought into my life
Not by my choice
But yours
And now as I cry for help
You are no where to be found
Your stuck in that ground
As you moved on
I have not
Now your in peace
But I am not
As you spread your wings
To enter those pearly gates
I close my door
So no one can see
The sadness
The pain
I smile
Not because of happiness
But to hide the tears I've shed for you
And now as the rain has come to a hault
The tears still seem to fall
And now that everyone has moved on
I am stuck here
In this warped world you have created for me
And as i try to find my way out
I realized
When you left, you took the key
I am alone
Stuck in this cage you put me in
A cage with no way out
A cage with no key
So now I am left here

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