come find me

December 13, 2009
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come find me

eyes big and searching
as my hands and fingers shake
my feet stay bolted to the ground
eyes to the ground in shame

its the ocean crashing

a blank stare at the sea

the salty water matching those

that fall down my cheeks
closing my eyes
breathing it in
the smell of your skin
of just you

water falling from slippery rocks

the sweet smell of the dew

on the daisies in the garden
take a breathless swallow
of water I thought
I would never see
in the desert
out of reach

taste the salt of a secret sea

a sharp whisper in my throat

cutting through the air

“come find me”
the seagull crying sweet tears
into dark tangled hair
the cold hard surface of metal
never soft
never warm

closing my eyes

listening to the trees rustling

the bitter sweet taste
of longing.

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