December 13, 2009
By nataliamaria SILVER, Miami, Florida
nataliamaria SILVER, Miami, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Though dreams can be deceiving like faces are to hearts, they serve for sweet relieving when fantasy and reality lie to far apart." -Fiona Apple

Let the ribbons unravel
See something unlike anyother
Lost at sea
Shipwrecked hearts casted into the unseen
Love letters bound by string
Let them fall, one by one
Time slips from our hands
Never to be seen again
Unravel me, covered in ribbons
Each one a different color
A representation of what I was thought to be
The sea, sea of love has stolen us one by one
My heart was casted out
By the ripcurrent of your bitterness
Let each letter fall again,
One for each of your pointless lies
Time has lost itself in my memory
For i can see nothing but the passing of each minute
Fly me away into the stars
Freedom, fill my eyes because I have not seen you in so long
My ribbons can no longer bind the person I was thought to have been
Because now i can be,
Not the person thought of,
But the person never seen

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