The Day the Moon Met the Sun

December 13, 2009
The Moon stood over the Earth
She was all alone, trying to outshine the darkness of the sky,
Which always over powered her
Her tears seemed infinite,
As they fell from the empty sky
They covered the Earth and filled the holes in the ground
Some may call it the sea,
But to the Moon, it was not just the sea,
But a reminder of the day she met the Sun

He stood back and wondered why her tears never seemed to end
She was more dazzling than all the planets combined
She brought beauty to the sky,
Even if she could not outshine the darkness of this space
The Moon had a glow which the Sun was not able to put into words
Oh, how the Sun adored her
His love for her was infinite, just like her tears
He was never able to approach the goddess, we call the Moon
For her glow over powered him and made him unable to speak.

The Moon was sick of all these tears
She was sick of trying to light a darkness
Which brought her so much fear and anguish
To her, she had nothing, she was nothing
Resting in peace is where she would be
Because her tears now over flowed the sea

"And I'll end my life with this one blow,
And my soul will finally glow," she said.
"Oh my darling, but you do glow," the Sun finally spoke.
He told her of his love before it was too late,
"The darkness that fill these skies will be long gone
Because together with you, my love,
This endless night will finally come to an end," said this god to his goddess
And things finally took their place

The day the Moon met the Sun
The stars were formed,
The planets all aligned
And together they will shine,
They will dance
And forever love
To show the world of their untimely romance.

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